Chilliwack Physiotherapy


I am passionate about my work, and I have a genuine interest in helping people move and improve, and feel better.

I graduated from UBC in 2009 with my Bachelor of Science in Biology and Genetics, in 2013 I graduated from UBC with my Masters in Physiotherapy.  I have expanded my treatment scope with an in depth manual therapy certification: FCAMPT . I have completed taping workshops, as well as Functional Dry Needling (FDN) to help my patients progress.  My experience has been in private practice orthopaedics working with all varieties of acute and chronic muskuloskeletal injuries, conditions, and dysfunctions.  I have also volunteered time working as a part of healthcare teams for sports teams of all levels.

I am definitely the weekend warrior type.  I love sport and competition, and I have a hard time refusing a pick up game of almost any kind.